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Pashionate About Sleep
Sarah Pashniak is a pediatric sleep consultant who coaches parents with children experiencing disruptive sleep patterns. Sarah came to us because she needed a website to launch her new consulting business.

Project Details

Pashionate about sleep was growing on social media and Sarah needed a website to be at the center of her business strategy. Her vision was a customized website that projected her brand in terms of style, design, and voice. She also expressed how cumbersome it was to sell her digital products and asked if there was a way to automate it. Sarah also needed to implement a marketing strategy that would help her rank in Google and drive traffic to her site.

Her vision was a customized website that projected her brand in terms of style, design, and voice.

Culturbird's work

In our discovery session, we discussed business goals, direction, and expected project results. After getting a clear understanding of her needs, our strategy included:

  • Brand collaboration
  • Website development
  • Traffic strategy
  • Integrate newsletter marketing
  • Increase affiliate income
  • eCommerce

We started off by understanding Sarah's brand.  We chose design elements that aligned with her vision which influenced the way customers felt about her brand. Establishing a consistent style across all business touch points builds customer trust and confidence. Next, we advised on a content strategy to drive customers to her website. Having an active blog gives clients a reason to subscribe to her newsletter, follow her social media accounts, and increase the website's Google ranking. By building a list of subscribers, Sarah can learn about her followers and improve her marketing efforts.

Sarah also required an eCommerce section. She needed a way to automate the sale of her digital books and products which was previously done through email and e-transfers. We used this page to showcase the products that Sarah endorsed and supported in her business. If clients purchased products off her site, she would receive commission which was made clear to all visitors.

As a consultant, Sarah needed to have a strong online presence.  Her potential clients now have a way to see her services or buy her products. The website gives her a way to build trust and a community through her blog and newsletter. Brand styling across her social media accounts and website enhances her brand image and further increases client confidence.

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